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We are building Masterdesk as a tool that helps educators deliver and manage their sessions better. A teacher's ultimate partner.

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Everything you need to live stream your lectures and engage your students online. All in the same place.

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Upload and manage video content. Cater to student needs with self-paced learning.

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Streamline communication between stakeholders and ensure the latest productions are synced in your asset library.

A Cloud based content platform to power your digital experiences

Masterdesk is an industry-leading, cloud-based solution for organisations who want to easily manage all their digital content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Masterdesk classes online?

Yes. Our classes are conducted live, by real teachers, in an online format. In order to access classes, your child will need access to a laptop or mobile phone, with stable internet connection.

What courses does Masterdesk offer?

Masterdesk currently offers courses from different Categories you need to visit the page from top left corner to check Latest courses.